Thanks for your insight

This is the sort of thing that drives me crazy. The spiritual leader of Shas, one of the parties in the Israeli leading coalition, publicly announced that he wishes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas would “vanish.”

Thank you, Rabbi Yosef, for your insightful and productive commentary. How thoughtful that you would grace the public with such words of wisdom. It’s good to know that when people are suffering and caught in one of the world’s most confounding conflicts, your solution to the problem is that the enemy just disappears. Great. Something tells me that Rabbi Yosef would tackle the problem of global warming by encouraging carbon emissions to just “disappear.”

The bigger problem with this is that Rabbi Yosef isn’t the only one who believes that the best way to deal with the conflict is to wish the other side to just go away. Both Palestinians and Israelis are guilty of this unproductive mindset, as proved by Hamas’s refusal to recognize Israel and Israel’s encouragement of settlements in the West Bank. Rabbi Yosef’s offensive and idiotic comment indicates a bigger problem. Until Israelis and Palestinians realize that neither community is going anywhere, just and sustainable peace won’t be an option.

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  1. Meghan says:

    Think Clinton will have any impact out there this week?

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