On Cowards and Hypocrites

If we didn’t need further proof that those who commit unspeakable acts of violence are living in a perverted reality, read the statement of Qassam Brigades, who proudly claimed the brutal attack which left 4 Israeli settlers dead.

“Qassam Brigades announces its full responsibility for the heroic operation in Hebron.”
Last time I checked, there is nothing “heroic” about shooting up an vehicle full of unarmed civilians, one of whom is a pregnant woman. Now it may seem obvious to you that an act of “terrorism” is not by any stretch of the word heroic, but sometimes one has to be careful about perspective; as the old phrase goes, one man’s revolutionary is another man’s terrorist. However, even to take the Palestinian perspective, these terrorists weren’t attacking IDF soldiers, and they weren’t risking their lives in a mission in which they were sure to die for a cause. They were soft, cowardly, despicable murderers. It would be a shame for this act of cowardice to derail the peace talks–although I can’t say how optimistic I am about those–or to empower hardliners in Israel to encourage more illegal settlements.

Netanyahu claims that the attacks prove the priority of Israel’s security needs. I don’t question the fact that Israel’s security needs to be preserved, but I disagree that an attack on settlers–however brutal–proves the need for Israel’s security. I believe that the settlements have always been, and will continue to be, Israel’s Achilles Heal. They prevent the possibility of a a two-state solution, and settlers tend to be extremist, racist, and even belligerent toward the Israeli state which supports them. To me, this attack proves how unstable and unsustainable the current situation is in the West Bank. If anything, this should prove to Netanyahu that encouraging the continuation of settlement growth in the West Bank–which deprives Israelis and Palestinians of a just and lasting peace–is irresponsible and shortsighted. The Palestinians who committed this act were cowards and murderers. However, if Israeli leadership doesn’t put an end to the colonialism which has all but killed the peace process, then they are nothing but hypocrites for pledging to protect Israel’s security, while depriving its citizens of a just and lasting solution to the conflict.

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1 Response to On Cowards and Hypocrites

  1. Meghan says:

    How prevalent/vocal are liberal groups in Israel that are against the settlements and are in support of a two-state solution? I feel like I only hear about the Hawks.

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