What is Bibi thinking?

I honestly would love to know something: what is Bibi thinking? I would pay a lot more than some pennies for this guy’s thoughts. He can’t sincerely believe in a two-state solution if he is content to twiddle his thumbs and watch the settlement freeze expire. Not that anyone truly considered him a supporter of the peace process, as he has only recently, and half-heartedly, signed on to the notion of a two-state solution.

If I were advising President Abbas, I would tell him to back out of the peace process. Why continue talking with a partner who has already shown you that he doesn’t agree with the entire premise of the negotiations? It has already proven costly for Abbas to be meeting with the Israelis, as he had originally said that he wouldn’t until all settlement activity (including that delightful settlement building in East Jerusalem) was halted. Yes, it’s true that Abbas has staked his career in the negotiations track, but even he needs to know when enough is enough. Everyone knows that in order to acheive a two-state solution, the Israelis would have to dismantle a number of settlements in the West Bank (unless swiss cheese suddenly becomes the new standard for a sovereign nation) If Bibi can’t even commit to stopping the building of settlements, how on earth is he going to have the cajones to dismantle settlements, which is an extremely unpopular and controversial. I am done with this guy, and I hope that Israelis will soon be too.

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