Look who’s on trial…

Ah, Mr. Wilders, we meet again….

Looks like Dutch democracy is coming around after all. Mr. Wilders is on trial for inciting hatred against Muslims, after likening the Quran to Mein Kompf and Islam to Fascism. As I noted in my earlier posts, Mr. Wilders’ attacks on Islam and Muslims are disgusting and fly in the face of the tolerant and open society which he claims to defend.

He claims to be defending freedom of speech. As any legal expert can tell you, freedom of speech doesn’t include everything under the sun, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a crime as inciting hatred. Mr. Wilders, as a Dutchman, can’t feign ignorance on the nuances of freedom of speech, as the Netherlands is one of many countries which criminalizes Holocaust denial.

Mr. Wilders is many things, but he is not a martyr for freedom of speech. I hope that the court realizes this, and that they show Mr. Wilders what Dutch society is really about: tolerance, and not hatred.

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1 Response to Look who’s on trial…

  1. Meghan says:

    Glad to see this one come full circle. Keep us updated.

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