Not Fooling Anyone

News sources are reporting that “Pro-Mubarak protesters” are clashing with the peaceful demonstrators who have been calling for the immediate end to Mubarak’s regime. Apparently, these counter protesters are annoyed that the anti-Mubarak demonstrators weren’t satisfied by Mubarak’s ridiculous “concession” that he wouldn’t run for yet another presidential term.

Because "counter-protesters" ride horses and attack peaceful demonstrators, right?

Sound suspicious? It’s probably because these “pro-Mubarak protesters” are rumoured to be nothing more than government-sponsored thugs and even plains clothed policemen (yep, they’re back). It’s no coincidence that these thugs appeared after Mubarak’s speech, in which, as this article points out, the aged president seemed more ticked off than repentant.

“He appeared not to have learned anything from the past week. And his one “concession” – that he would not seek re-election – was no concession at all. After all, he had never said he would. This was not the performance of a defeated man. Mubarak may be down but he’s not out. And judging by today’s events in Tahrir Square, he and the military-dominated clique around him clearly feel they have done enough, for now, to get the Americans off their backs, flex their still considerable muscle, and reclaim the streets for the regime. All the talk about reform and elections and negotiations can wait, whatever Barack Obama says.” -Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Mubarak says that it is time for Egyptians to choose between chaos and stability, meaning it’s time to choose between between him and the unknown future. Where has he been for the past week? Egyptians already made their choice. Mubarak has already overstayed his welcome by a few decades, he doesn’t get to have 8 more months (during which he might conveniently forget his promise not to run, or at least make arrangements for his son-or some other hand picked successor-to bear the crown). It is an insult and a joke to think that his “promise” not to run in the upcoming elections is a concession of any sort. If the international community treats it as such, and if they fail to condemn the current acts of violence against peaceful demonstrators, I fear that the historic display of defiance which has gripped Egypt for the last 8 days may simply be history.

You don’t stay in power for 30 years without being a wily bastard. I would like to say that Mubarak isn’t fooling anyone; I just hope that the United States and other world leaders don’t prove me wrong.

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