A Vote against Peace

With the dramatic developments in the region, it is easy to understand that a story about the UN security council may have been overlooked. But the fact that the United States was the only country to vote down the resolution condemning continued Israeli colonization of the West Bank is worth revisiting.

As this article points out, while the move is in line with previous U.S. votes (and vetoes) on the Security Council, it comes at an exceptionally awkward time given the world’s focus on the democracy and human rights in the Arab world. The United States is already coping with its reputation as having promoted stagnant stability in Egypt, so it’s not going to help that it has now reminded the world that liberty and justice for all doesn’t apply to Palestinians.

As always, I keep returning to one simple question: How does the United States expect peace to materialize if it allows Israel to continue to build settlements? You can’t have a two-state solution if you don’t have two states. Last year, Israel embarrassed itself by embarrassing Joe Biden, proving that the little nation doesn’t remember the real power dynamic between Tel Aviv and Washington. What part of don’t bite the hand that feeds you don’t they understand? Perhaps it’s because they know that no matter how hard they bite, we will continue to feed.

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