Le Caire

As luck would have it, I have managed to find a way back to Cairo. This is the first time that I have been back since living here in 2007-2008, and it is therefore also the first time I have seen it since the February revolution. My time in Egypt was so transformational, almost like an intellectual adolescence. I was a bit anxious before this trip, because I wasn’t sure how the reintroduction would go. Would it be like meeting an old friend from middle school, someone who was close at the time, but who has now since gone on a different path? Would we stand there and awkwardly relive memories, tell old jokes, and then quickly part?

I mulled over these possibilities as our plane circled over the dusty city, drawing closer to my moment of reckoning. After touchdown, I collected my items, walked down the aisle, and turned the corner to face my old friend. My eyes scanned the hazy skyline, the soft blue sky melting with the asphault of the runway and the overwhelming tan backdrop that is Cairo. She looked beatiful, and with a warm wind, she welcomed me back home. I let out a sigh of relief; turns out Cairo was more than a one-year stand. The traffic, the horns, the pollution…it’s all oddly endearing, and that warms my heart.

Before I tuck in for the night, I wanted to share an amazing photo collection of some of the personalities in the Egyptian revolution. It’s pretty sweet to realize that I am currently amongst the people that showed the world the power of citizen action.

Revolution 2.0: No one was a hero because everyone was a hero.” -Wael Ghonim, Google Executive & Freedom Fighter

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